321LIFE+1 Project

321 Life was started the night Brandon was crowned Homecoming King.  He wanted give those who come from diverse and under resourced backgrounds an opportunity to have new and inclusive experiences.  

He started by selling his own art printed on greeting cards,  found a fiscal agent(Shared Adventures), and started his own non-profit foundation. So far Brandon has helped over 475 individuals!  He's excited to take it to the next level and find companies and service groups who will help him raise funds for bigger projects!

Brandon's personal motto:

1. Work Hard

2.  Choose Kindness

3.  Be Yourself

All projects give access, opportunity, experience and HOPE to individuals and parents, so many can realize their dreams.  

Here's some of examples the projects he's funded.  *Winter Formal *Prom*Yearbooks *Scholarships *Camps *College Visits *Inclusion Assemblies *Recognition Diamond Awards  *Special Needs Scholarships for Parent Training *School Backpacks and Supplies *321Life Academy *

Please help me raise money for this project by making a tax-deductible donation

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High school be exciting as a freshmen.  The anticipation of beginning a new chapter and meeting people, seeing your picture in the yearbook and going to your first homecoming dance.  Sophomore year you become more familiar with the routine. Junior year going to the prom is a rite of passage and senior year, it's a time of reflection of the former 3 years years, filling out college applications and waiting for the mail to receive an acceptance letter of your top college of choice, senior sneak day, graduation and grad night. For many students like Brandon, just getting into general education classes and having to prove himself as an equal member for his school was his goal.  By senior year, he was voted HC King by the student body and it was a great beginning for Brandon's desire to see inclusion for ALL students on his campus. 



I know how it feels to be bullied. It is an awful feeling if you don’t have self esteem. When people get bullied, it pulls them down and makes them feel hopeless.

I am here to make a difference, to be a friend for all. I want to give people hope. People think of me as someone who can’t do much, but they would be surprised what a difference one person can make.

I want to show people that anything is possible. If someone is feeling lonely, left out or down, all it takes is that one person who believes in them to change their life. I want to be that person and I invite you to join me! Let’s all come together and spread love and joy! These are the best feelings in the world.

If we offer a helping hand, words of encouragement and kindness, we can change the world. Helping each other and
lifting each other up is such a powerful feeling. Let’s be the role models who start this amazing new journey.

*Em-pa-thy(noun) understanding of another’s feelings*
— Brandon, 321 Life +1 Project