My unique experience has taught me a lot about what adults can do to help their children. Don’t ever give up on your child because they need you to advocate for them until they can do it for themselves.

In high school I told my mom to go and do her networking stuff, and told dad to keep on working. Here are some of the other things you parents can keep in mind!

  • Build relationships with other parents, teachers and students at school. These friends can be allies for life!

  • Really listen to your children and young students, you might be surprised by what they think and feel...

  • Help to improve the the school environment for ALL students to have inclusive experiences.

  • Let your kids take some chances you might not have taken when you were young.

  • Failure isn’t always bad, it makes you grow and change your ways.

  • Everyone faces hardships, remember you’re not the only one.

  • Speak up, it might give someone else the courage to do the same! 

  • Role playing gave me practice and rehearsal with tough situations that might occur.  When things happened in real life, I felt confident and prepared.  


“You fall down, then you get back up again!”

                ~Brandon Gruber