Brandon Bieber celebrates his 18th birthday with a surprise dance.


A Bit About Brandon

As a young boy...

  • I didn't walk until I was 2
  • I had a lot of sensory problems
  • I had surgeries
  • I was suspended 3 time in Kindergarten (imitating other kids, but got caught I guess)
  • Most believed in me, but some Special Ed staff thought I should be in their classes
  • I wasn't potty trained until I was 7
  • Transitions were hard for me.  Writing was even more difficult
  • I refused to go the the dentist, doctor, get my blood drawn, get shots and my ears checked.  I couldn't tolerate getting my hair or nails cut
  • I've made a lot of mistakes


  • I was elected Homecoming King, voted "Best Dancer and Most School Spirit!"
  • I workout with a fitness trainer 5 days a week.
  • I've acted in many plays and take classes to improve my skills
  • I love to hit the red carpet in shows and take fashion design clases.
  • I love to travel and paint destination scenes from my travels.  Most recently Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Austria.
  • I love to create on my computer and write on my blog.
  • I enjoy volunteering and managing my 321life+1 Project.
  • I am working toward independence or as I call it "Off leash!"
  • I have dreams and goals and do everything I can to achieve them!

How is this possible? 

I was thrown out there with support. I am confident. My family, teachers, aides and team always encouraged and believed in me. As a freshmen, it was hard to begin at a new school.   If I fell down, I got back up. If I was shut out, I went to the next door until I found an open one.   I learned to stand tall and not give up on my dreams.   Don’t ever give up on your child because they need you to advocate for them until they can do it for themselves. Now I'm doing it myself!