Last week I started school.  I am taking 3 classes.   They are: Intro to Acting, Beginning Weight Training and Planning for Success! I was excited to go to college.  It is the beginning of a new chapter in life.  My professors are really cool and cares for the students and me. I know it is going to be fun and I will learn many things. My academic partner is Mikako and I am already working on course homework and have laid out our schedule.  It’s very cool to see some of my friends from High School. My long term is going to UCLA(Pathways Program), live on my own and eventually work in Hollywood.

I want all of you to know that college and career are possible if you are willing to study and work hard. For all parents, remember to support and believe in your child. They will show you just how much they can achieve when given a chance.

Your friend,

Brandon Gruber