Growing up is hard to do, no matter who you are. And that’s why we created the 321 Life Academy to support and teach new skills to young men. We want to give them hope and show them that there are people in the community who notice they might need some extra attention.

One of the main things we focus on is developing each young man’s leadership skills. Leadership is not just about being bossy, its about inspiring others to do more in life. Good leaders need to be able to encourage others.

Here we are at a Santa Cruz Warriors game, the first time most of these guys had been to a game. We had a blast!

We also talk about character building, what makes you you. That is about sharing your personality, having self-confidence, taking care of yourself and your body. We talk about our personal goals and the dreams we have.
Some of the young men don’t think they have dreams or pretend they don’t care what happens in their lives, but then as a group we talk and discover they do.

The third pillar of the academy is about mentoring. We talk about how to be the most positive role model you can be, even when those around you are not making good choices.

Signing off,

Brandon Gruber