Almost every boy has a crush on someone during high school.  Brandon's high school crush was a Disney star, Dove Cameron.  He knows her favorite colors, food, her birthday, all of the movies and shows she's been in and even details about her boyfriend. He doesn't care, because he believes he would be a better boyfriend who would treat her kinder than the Disney boyfriend they depicted on Liv and Maddie.  He's written numerous letters with gifts addressed and stamped addressed ready to be mailed to her agent.  You know what we did with them…  We knew this innocent crush would satisfy him during high school years so he wouldn't get as rejected from the girls at his high school.  Plus, we knew the likelihood of Brandon ever meeting Dove would be slim and nil, so we actually encouraged him to buy her posters, music, books and anything Dove.  Brandon was convinced, one day he was going to meet her. He could picture it in his mind, like a marathon runner crossing the finish line in first place. We tried to temper that hopeful wish.

A little over a month ago, Brandon and his sisters were at the beach taking a bunch of selfless and he happen to Instagram and FB one of them with #Dovecameron.  It got instant attention that led him to getting invited on the set this month in Hollywood.  It was probably one of the two biggest nights of his life.  He got VIP treatment in the front row during a taping and skipped the lines.  Dove's mom Bonnie gave us a back scene tour and a VIP bag.  Brandon, the natural networker introduced himself to the cast members, director as though he was part of their set.  The greatest moment was when he had pictures taken with Dove.  In life, you hear about the 6 degrees of separation. This one was only 1 degree and the power of social media and Debra Gilmore.   Dove was as fun and beautiful in Liv and Maddie as she was in person and we wish her continued success and all the desires of her heart!  Nothing is impossible according to Brandon and we should all live by that mantra.