In every high school movie, there's the geeks, jocks, mean girls, skaters, thespians, partiers and the "In crowd".  Thanks to Disney, Brandon wanted to get into the latter.  He could taste it.  We knew it wasn't possible, so we had to help reframe Brandon's goal.  We got Brandon involved in everything we could outside of school to alter his thoughts, but he still had it on his mental bucket list.  Brandon self advocated to at least get an interview and we prepared him to get another "NO" into The Associated Student Body.  When Brandon got his acceptance letter, you would have thought he won a million dollar lottery.  His senior year, he proudly wore his ASB shirt around school and the community and was finally one of the crowd.  The "In-Crowd" or group who controlled what activities and spirit days and what happened at school  He also became a very good friend of the ASB President and prized their relationship.  As Brandon learned of all his fellow classmates getting their acceptance letters, he would come home and tell us what school they were going to attend and celebrated with their success.  When Teagan got accepted into her first school of choice, Brandon was SO excited for her.  It's great that our loved ones with Down syndrome can rally for others and not have an ounce of jealousy or envy.  Brandon is always rooting for "The A team" or "A Lister" depending on which group, you're part of.  He roots for all groups and I'm proud of him.