Everyone has goals and dreams.  Well most of us.  Our goal was to get Brandon out of high school without killing his spirit.  Most parent of a child who has Down syndrome may look at the school as the only educational avenue, but we have sent Brandon to school for the social/emotional aspect and it was an extension to his overall learning.  We never looked at his IEP goals, nor did we even care if he met even 50% of them.  As parents, his success was measured by his happiness, doing his best every day, being kind to others no matter what, creating new opportunities to learn and changing attitudes of others.  If you were to ask Brandon how he measured success, he would say "Setting a goal and achieving it".  Brandon got his certificate of completion in June and that wasn't good enough.  He got his high school diploma, but not from his high school.  We went a private school route.  That's another story!   Now he can check it off his list!