When we selected where to live, we thought the tradition of both of us graduating from the same high school, it would be great for Brandon to end the family tradition.    We were warned not to enroll Brandon there because they have never had a student with Down syndrome in any  General Ed classes, but we enrolled him anyhow.  The real tradition that was broken was Bobby Salazar who has worked at Aptos High nearly 40 years.  He's a wonderful man; a hard worker, came from nothing, believed in all the students and he loves everyone and he's a legend. So much that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.    He called me and asked me to come to school for a surprise.  He told me a secret the other day.  He's never bought a student a gift in all the years as the head of maintenance.  He bought Brandon one.  Bobby said that Brandon reminds him of himself.  They have a lot in common.  But more importantly, he says that he's never going to forget B and all the positive things he's done and the huge impact he's made at that school.  In 4 years, Brandon broke many barriers, but also a tradition of taking general ed classes and Bobby's tradition not buying a student a gift.