No one told Brandon that he CAN'T do something.  It's not in our DNA as a family, so he tends to break the rules wherever he goes.  I love it because if you're the President/CEO or the lowest level person in the world standards, Brandon doesn't care.  He loves everyone and all are the same level in his books.   He has the purest heart, feels bad for those who don't have a lot; food, money, resources or shelter.  

Brandon not only has broken the rules, he breaks a lot of the "Unwritten Rules".  You know the rules that a typical person wouldn't have the guts to break.  This is one of them.  We didn't know this group existed.  Brandon loved the Migrant Student Association.  He loved the group so much that he began buying tshirts, flags and anything with the Mexico colors.  Some people may find it odd, but for Brandon it's a sense of belonging, feeling part of a group that has been marginalized over the years in a very affluent feeling campus.  Brandon graduated with the other 100 students from 3 different schools as his nickname "Santiago Chavez" in the club, but on stage he was Brandon Gruber.  There were a lot of surprised people, but not those who knew him.  He's was an equal member of the group and he proudly wore his sarape cord at graduation.