I believe our young adults with Down syndrome have just as many dreams as any other person. Sometimes, they may seem lofty, but then I know many who dream big too.  Brandon is no different.  I read his journals, pieces of papers laying around and all of them say, "Move to LA". The day after he finished high school he began packing to move to LA.  He says it's where his "Peeps" live.  In his mind, he's already there.  Brandon keeps up on the daily celebrity gossip and gives me the who is dating, who broke up and what CD's just came out.  One of Brandon's goals is to produce his own music.  We think he should focus on something more realistic, but we did find a music school in our area.  As a compromise, he's taking private lessons with the music production teacher and he's learning how to mix music.  When he develops a new skill, he practices until he masters it.  Music is one of his greatest passions.  Just don't ask him to sing!