It was 10 minutes after Brandon was born, when we received a preliminary diagnosis.  At that moment, I didn't worry about his health.  It was scary to think about his future. Thoughts rambling through my head;  "Will kids make fun of him in Middle School, will the short yellow bus automatically come to our house or will he live with us the rest of our lives?"  Tim's first reaction to me was, "We are going to love our little baby.  I don't know anything about Down syndrome, but we are going to give Brandon the best life a child can have and he'll write his own pages in his book!"  Well, that's what we did, and so far it's been good, so we felt it was important to fly last minute for Brandon to speak in front of 40 new mom's who might have some of the same questions.  It was a beautiful day in Newport Beach, overlooking the Pacific ocean.  I sat far away from Brandon so he could do his natural networking. He met his long lost sister Melody who was an incredible coordinator of the event.   I happen to sit next to a pregnant mom who was expecting a baby with DS.  It was meant to be, even if it was a last minute trip.