I have guts and courage no matter what the situation looks like.

I have a saying, “One door shuts and I go to the next door.  Keep on going to the next door until you get in.  Stand tall and don’t let others get you down.  Every day a new opportunity is waiting for me!”  My first three years, I tried to find out when the Homecoming float assembly and skit practices were with no luck.  My parents tried too.  The day of the parade, I went alone and joined in anyhow without a matching class shirt but dressed in my class theme.  My senior year, I didn’t have to chase down the information and I didn’t walk alone.  I sat next to my homecoming partner, in my tuxudo on a Mercedes in the parade!  I finally got in the right door and became Homecoming KING!  Don’t let life shut you out, go to the next door!

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